ONTALK Portable AI Translator

Smart AI translator and its packaging.
Smart AI translator boxes USB plug and book with instructions.
Smart AI translator on its packaging and a USB plug.
On-the-go AI translator its packaging USB plug and book with instructions.
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Languages Align: Voice Translation Online & Offline

Quite convenient: The multi-language AI Voice Translator can do both: voice translation and photo translation. Through the HD camera and image recognition technology, it can scan and translate any text immediately.

Through its multilanguage service, fast and accurate translation is at your fingertips. This gadget is suitable for travel, business, learning and making new friends – you can translate and learn languages simply and efficiently. Buy now!

249.00 EUR

Delivery: Free of Charge
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  • Languages 106 Languages
    Accuracy Up to 98% Accuracy
    Translation Time 0.1 Sec. Translation Time
    Design 2.8-inch Touch Screen
    Standby Time 360 h Standby Time
    Connection Wi-Fi, Mobile Hotspot
    Translation Voice & Photo Translation
    Extras Offline Translation, AI Voice Assistance
    Working Time 12 h Working Time
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No Risks: Try ONTALK AI Translators Before You Buy

Convince yourself the impressive quality of ONTALK AI translators by listening to audio translations in more than thirty different languages before you purchase. These carefully selected examples will give you a first impression of the power of ONTALK AI translation devices and their excellent ability to overcome language barriers effortlessly.

We are sure that you will be amazed by the precision and performance of ONTALK AI translation devices.

Revolutionize your business meetings with ONTALK translators today: Negotiate accessibly with your business partners in up to 135 languages.

Experience Live Translation Now

Translating device featuring three buttons in the middle.

Why we offer you this translation test module before you buy an ONTALK AI Translator, you can learn here.

Telephone handset and letter.
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